"The radio in Salento"

"is a historical Apulian radio station born in 1977, it broadcasts on 103.4 and 102.8 in Salento, you can also listen to it on the web by clicking on the logo next to it"

Radio Orizzonti Activity, via Vito Vallone 1    73013 Galatina (Lecce) Italy

Phone - 0836 56555

WA Text - 327 58816188

Web Radio

Web Radio  Elegant. Sophisticated. Exclusive.  We play Soulful, House Music, Disco Classics, Soul, Rare Groove, Funk and Nu-Jazz.

The best soulful house music, new releases and digital imports you will find on CapitalDisko. Also Nu Disco, Chill out, Funky House and Deep House.


Moonlight is broadcast every Sunday evening on Radio Orizzonti Activity starting from 22.00. Moonlight is a musical selection by Gigi Marini with music ranging between different musical genres such as Soulful, Nu Disco and House music. Moonlight..Songs & Songs.

Magic Vibes is a music selection curated by Ugo Bartolotti and you can listen to it on the frequencies of Radio Orizzonti Activity on Tuesday and Thursday from 22.00 to 23.00. Magic Vibes embraces different musical genres with Soulful, Nu Disco, House and Funky music.

Vinyl Sound is a musical selection created exclusively with vinyls chosen by the expert hands of Sandro Litti. Vinyl Sound is broadcast every Friday evening on Radio Orizzonti Activity from 22.00 to 23.00. Dive into the emotions of the past with the scent of vinyl.

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